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Reel Rookie

Missing Episodes-The Romeo Section-S2

Wondering why The Roku Channel has only 4 episodes of The Romeo Section -- Season 2.

There are 10 episodes in that season, and it came out six years ago.  Thanks.


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Re: Missing Episodes-The Romeo Section-S2


Roku may just be adding the additional episodes or did not acquire the licensing for all the episodes currently.  Things like this occur in the streaming world, and can be annoying because no real way to find out answer.

Looking at it today 7/03/22, looks like S2, episodes 1-4, and 9-10 are now available.  

Unfortunately, Season 2 does not seem available to stream on another Channel/app currently

Paging @RokuDanny-R , @RokuKariza-D , and @RokuMary-F who can maybe forward to appropriate team to look into.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Missing Episodes-The Romeo Section-S2

Yeah, it's pretty weird.  When I first went to the series page on The Roku Channel website (on my computer), it only had eps 1-4 -- even though all 10 of the season's episodes are on the Roku TV app.  Then I wrote to the Roku team about it, and the next day eps 9 & 10 were mysteriously added to the website.  Why 9 & 10?  Where are 5/6/7/8?

But it's more annoying than that, as the audio in horrible.  Unlistenable.  But only on this series.  All other shows on the channel play fine.  I've written to them 3 times about this, explain the problem in detail, and get nothing but boiler plate responses.  What a shame, as this is a really good series, from a serious filmmaker, and Season 2 seems to exist only on The Roku Channel.  Too bad they're so cavalier about the way it's presented.