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Roku Guru

Mapping the OTA software bugs and work-arounds

By reading the discussions concerning the impact of recent ROKU software upgrades on previous operating characteristics of TV sets, and by experiencing and working with my own TV and its discrepant behavior, I have undertaken to use my experience with software defined devices to map the issues I have been experiencing, the conditions under which they occur and the work-arounds which work to deal with them.

As an example, one can readily identify that there are several different power-on modes which cause different issues with the OTA channels vs streaming channels.  It can also be shown that there are ways to use this knowledge to configure the set to reduce the issues.

If folks express an interest, I can begin to post some of my findings for the general community.  If none, then that's OK too.

Roku Guru

Re: Mapping the OTA software bugs and work-arounds

A Starting Point - Defining Some Terminology

Since I'm just an old guy with a couch and a remote, mapping the functions/malfunctions that the new update has caused, and since I don't have access to any ROKU technical manuals or documentation, I will need to create my own definitions and terminology.  Since my first inquiry follows changes in behavior based on power state, I will create my own set of Power State definitions:

STATE              DEFINITION                                                                                             

   0                      Set powered off by removing connection to wall power for 15 minutes or more

   1                      System reset by using the SYSTEM->POWER->RESET command sequence

   2                      System dormant.  Power off using remote and wait 10 minutes, requires FAST START


   3                      System Standby. Powered off using remote.  If FAST START disabled, within

                                                        5 minutes of powering off.  if  FAST START enabled, then

                                                        any time since power off.

   4                      Set powered on and screen and all functionality is active


Now that I have begun to define terms for the operation of the set, my future posts will describe observed functions and discrepancies.