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Lost surround sound, only have stereo now

I have seen a few threads on this, but none specifically describe what i'm seeing, mainly about the menu options that should fix it. My set up is a TCL 65S535 Roku TV, with the latest updates. I've done a factory reset. It is connected with a optical audio cable to a Panasonic A/V Receiver. 

When I first set it up, surround sound did work. But then, after more set up, and updates, now i do not get surround sound anymore, only stereo.

It seems like some menu options described in other threads, I do not see. For example, hitting *, i do see 'Sound Mode' set to Normal, but i cant turn the sound mode off.

Settings/Audio / Digital Audio format, i see Auto/Passthrough/Stereo/Custom. Custom gives me Dolby - DD, DD +, and DTS (off).

Anything i choose, i can only get stereo, not surround. Any help is appreciated.

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