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Live TV jumps from four bars of signal to one bar for no apparent reason.

After recent update to add streaming channels to the Live TV guide, OTA channels are increasingly showing signal strength dropping to one bar an showing the channel banner below then back to four bars.  This type of activity has not been seen prior to the latest update.  I have an Sharp LC-24LB601U with a single OTA flat antenna.  Software version is 940 build 4200-69.  I have rescanned channels. 

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Re: Live TV jumps from four bars of signal to one bar for no apparent reason.

I have the same issue on a TCL series 8.  The actual signal strength shows occasionally but reverts to 1 bar when the channel is changed.  I also have a TCL series 6 which displays correctly.  I've tried multiple combinations of guide options and restarts with no luck.

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Re: Live TV jumps from four bars of signal to one bar for no apparent reason.

Same exact thing happened to me here in Philadelphia. I woke up one morning a week or 2 ago and most of my 4-5 bars channels are gone. My other tv using the same shared antenna is still picking up the same channels so it has to be something to do with TCL Roku TV since the channel scan interface looks different. Now I can get 3 HD channels - was getting 10+ hd channels. Nothing changed on antenna.

I think this will be my last Roku tv. Every single update, it gets worse instead of better.

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Re: Live TV jumps from four bars of signal to one bar for no apparent reason.

@supernumm , the way problems seem random (people with the same brand have different variations of the same problem; or one solution works for one person having a problem, but not another having the exact same problem): either 1) the hardware used on these tvs is so variable (undefined as a Roku spec. Varies from one lowes-bidder contract to the next at the tv manufacturer). Or, 2) there's some kind of "planned obsolescence" going on. 

It could be both. There could be wildly varying hardware in these tvs (and no attempt by Roku to define a standard, nor hold manufactures to such). And, knocking tvs out at random could be a way to reduce the burden of supporting such diverse hardware over time. Leave people behind, encourage upgrades to the latest tvs.

That sounds paranoid. But, Apple was exposed to be doing that with their phones (slowing down old phones for no reason other than to "incentivize" customers to upgrade).

It's really hard to explain how my TCL tv has "recents" populated with antenna channels, but other TCL users don't. We have the same version/build of software update. How could hardware make that kind of difference? It often looks like someone sends "fail code #85G8A" to tvs to tell them to start acting flakey. ("Hmm? I dunno. Call the manufacturer.").

It's bizarre. Roku's seeming ambivalence to what is an obvious trainwreck adds to the wonderment. If there was no "plan" for this kind of outcome, you'd think leadership would be grabbing the brake right now. The complete disregard for customer experience (bug tracking, priotizing, fixing) makes you wonder how deep that mindset runs (as part of the business model).

"People are often amazed at how much we’ve done with the number of engineers we’ve got." (Roku CEO Anthony Wood, Austin Statesman, Oct 4, 2019). "Amazed" is one way of putting it.
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Re: Live TV jumps from four bars of signal to one bar for no apparent reason.

There is one other possibility which I am currently exploring, and have opened a discussion about.  I have been finding that the apparent inconsistency in the mis-functions I have been seeing on my set is actually quite reproducible.  It appears that the state of the set, as it leaves one functional state to another, creates a different set of mis-functions.  So, in the case "HOW" you got to the OTA antenna module of the software will create a different operational performance than if you got there another way. (i.e. through the selection of OTA on the Home Page, rather than having it come up as the default state on Power-On.  And there are several power-on state options.  I will be discussing this in the discussion I opened).