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Limit Volume

Hello! So I am a college student and the TV is loud enough for me at a basic 10-15 level. I have one roommate who uses my TV (Since its in the common area for everyone to use) but she blasts the TV at volume 50. My bedroom is on the third floor of my townhouse and mind you I hear the TV perfectly clear from up there. The other roommates and I tried to talk to her but she does not listen to us. We are all STEM majors and require a lot of time towards our studies.

Is there any way to set a volume limit? Parent controls only set a time for watching the TV but theres no night mode or anything of that releam. I wanted to try to program a solution but of course theres security concerns there.


Thank you for listening to my sob story Smiley Happy just want myself and my other two roommates to enjoy our own home.

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Re: Limit Volume

No volume at all

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