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Lifespan of Roku firmware on TV?

Existing Roku user here looking at cheaper options to replace an 18-year-old TV, so naturally I'm considering the TCL (55"). But...

If my Roku 2 XD/XS units can reach a point in their relatively short (<9 years) lifespan where you can't install a 'required' app like YouTube TV, can I expect the same to eventually happen to a Roku TV (or soundbar)? If so, then how easy is it to bypass the built-in firmware with a newer external Roku?

As inexpensive as the Roku TVs and soundbars are (relatively speaking), I don't really want to replace one every 8-9 years just so it's compatible with the latest versions of the apps I'm using. Or am I expecting too much?

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Re: Lifespan of Roku firmware on TV?

Very easy to 'upgrade' when the age of the internal Roku OS is no longer viable. Just plug a newer Roku stick into any available HDMI port and you will have a newer updated Roku OS running on the same TV hardware. If you are using an OTA antenna for Live TV that would still need to come from the internal Roku OS. But, if the internal software begins to drop support it will likely be streaming apps that no longer function.

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Re: Lifespan of Roku firmware on TV?

Actually the "useful service life" of a modern TV is considered to be around 3 years.  lol    With technology improving all the time, do you really plan on keeping your TV 9-10 years or more?  I might keep mine 5 0r 6 but only if they still meet all my needs and I can't get something vastly improved at an affordable price.

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