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Jvc Roku Tv - MAC all zeros

Just bought a brand new tv for my new house. Set it up today. Had internet turned on yesterday. I can access wifi on my phone. The TV won't even find any networks at all. If I skip that step on initial setup I try to enter a private network and it won't connect. It shows mac as all zeroes. It is literally a brand new TV and I have seen people say it's defective. I tried factory reset but that did nothing. It's odd it's not picking others up because my phone is picking up neighbors. I am at my wits end. Is this a defective tv?? Any advice? No ethernet port.
Thank you!!

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Re: Jvc Roku Tv - MAC all zeros

Defective most likely, if the MAC is all zeroes.

Easiest troubleshooting at this point is to get a replacement.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: Jvc Roku Tv - MAC all zeros

As @jeffrok mentioned, this sounds like an issue that may require a device replacement. I'd recommend contacting the retailer that you purchased the TV from to inquire about a return/exchange, or contact the TV manufacturer directly for more assistance here: https://jvcsmart.com/pages/contact