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Just got a roku TV, ordered a chromecast and cannot wait to remove my account

I just got a brand new TCL 55" Roku TV.  I have no prior experience w/ Roku, and looked forward to simply using the netflix app on my phone to cast to my TV.  Apparently that is a lot to ask.


First I have to spend 10 minutes creating a roku account before I can do anything with the TV.  Fine, I guess there is no better option.  They want my credit card information, just to hook up my TV to the internet (the "skip this step" button is conveniently located out of sight until you scroll all the way down, a nod to the Roku UX team and their priorities).  Finally, after a long update/download process, I am brought to the home screen of my TV.  

There I am told I have to sign in on both my phone and the TV, which means typing a 20 character email and 12 character password with 4 arrow keys and an "OK" key.  Woops, missed a character, have to type it all again.

At this point I give up.  I factory reset my TV and I am going to best buy to get a chromecast as soon as I submit this post.


TL;DR: absolutely terrible user experience.  The target demographic for roku must be people who have never used an Amazon firestick or Google Chromecast.  Anyone who has used these products knows what a good user experience is like.  Roku: 0/10, will absolutely tell my friends to never use this product.

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