Issues with Roku audio? (ROKU AUDIO)

I have a Roku 3, and intermittently, the sound will start getting static-y and garbled. I pause whatever show I'm watching, unplug the HDMI, re-plug it back in, and we're back in business, no static. I'm tempted to just replace the HDMI and see what happens, but before I do that, is this an issue with anyone else that has a Roku? This happens in all apps, Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO, Plex, etc.

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Re: Issues with Roku audio? (ROKU AUDIO)

I too am having the same static issues with my Roku Ultra. Periodically the audio becomes static and a little distorted. I’ve tried to narrow it between the Roku or my surround sound. The only time I hear the problem is when I’m streaming on my Roku no matter what streaming service I’m watching. I have changed out my HDMI and that was only a temporary fix till the problem came back. 

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Re: Issues with Roku audio? (ROKU AUDIO)

@farahtung @Lerchke

Thanks for the posts.

In order for use to understand the root cause of the issue, have you already tried connecting the Roku device directly to the TV to remove any external audio factors? In addition, have you already tried switching out the HDMI cable used to connect the device as well as using another HDMI port on the TV to see if the issue persists? Lastly, have you tried connecting the Roku device to another TV to see if you are experiencing the same issue?

Please keep us posted what you find out and we will be able to assist you further.


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Re: Issues with Roku audio? (ROKU AUDIO)

I recently started experiencing audio issues with my Roku ultra connected through my Denon receiver - every 30 seconds or so the audio would briefly drop out - very distracting. I resolved it by switching the audio from autodetect via HDMI to stereo.

Some info to help Roku understand what happened - I strongly suspect an update to the Roku lead to this issue and an update will be required to correct it.

- I powered off the roku Ultra and powered it back on. I also forced a reset via the menu

- I rebooted by cable modem and my router

- I connected another Roku Ultra I had which had not been used for months, so it was running an old version of firmware. When I connected it like the old Roku Ultra, it worked great with autodetect audio enabled. At some point, it updated to the most recent firmware and the audio issue started again

- Other TVs running Roku built into the TVs are not experiencing this audio issue - only the Roku Ultras.

I now have it running in stereo and the issue is not happening. Of course, I want it to run via DTS to take advantage of the receiver and speakers

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Re: Issues with Roku audio? (ROKU AUDIO)

I have 6 televisions using Roku and 2 suddenly lost sound.  After checking everything I knew to try with no luck, I did a “ reboot” by unplugging the power cable and then the  hdmi for 30 seconds then reconnecting.  This repaired the problem on both units.  

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