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Reel Rookie

Re: Issues with MPEG2 after 9.3 Update on Roku TV

Is this ever likely to be fixed Roku??

Roku Guru

Re: Issues with MPEG2 after 9.3 Update on Roku TV

@Brettface wrote (four months ago): the new Android TV is looking pretty good right now.

Did you do it? I'm planning to replace one of my two regrettable Roku TVs with a TCL Android (in a couple weeks). With all the blame cast at TCL (as Roku pushes out an update known to be breaking customers' tvs, pointing the finger to excuse it), I'd like to have one foot in the TCL Android waters to see if it suffers the incompetence it should (if it's really all TCL's fault). I'll for sure buy the 4-5 year extended warranty. Hedge my bet. But, I'm betting it's Roku: The Great Deflector.

One neato thing: I've seen a youtube video showing a TCL Android tv responding to a numeric remote! (Really changing channels, not just displaying numbers on the screen [be still my heart]). It doesn't come with a numeric remote. But, this video used an RCA universal remote (I assume any would work. I have a URC-7880 in my sweaty, anxious hands as we speak). That video used code 12434 (my notes say). It's apparently a TCL code. I haven't looked at my remote yet to see if that code exists, or if I'll have to try whatever's available for this one. I expect something's going to work. It shouldn't be specific to that RCA remote. It's apparently a known TCL code set.

Beyond that, I don't know anything about Android TV. Roku's CEO wanted to be that on tvs (until Android was on tvs). It can't be all that bad. It lets users disable updates (from what I've read. Maybe also rollback to a prior version. But, maybe not easily. But, at least it's possible. Not elegant. But, possible.). A lot to like right there (shell-shocked by Roku's untested updates you can't do anything about).

"People are often amazed at how much we’ve done with the number of engineers we’ve got." (Roku CEO Anthony Wood, Austin Statesman, Oct 4, 2019). "Amazed" is one way of putting it.
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Channel Surfer

Re: Issues with MPEG2 after 9.3 Update on Roku TV

I haven't bothered with it since I wound up using a spare GPU to transcode everything into a friendlier container for this platform. Since I've made the adjustments it's been fine enough.


I would rather just have a TV with no smarts and just acted as a panel at this point because I feel like all they're trying to do is lock you down onto their platforms to just do something stupid like watch TV.

I miss the days where I can just channel surf and it would be very fast to just change channels and go through 60 of them in less than a minute....

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Streaming Star

Re: Issues with MPEG2 after 9.3 Update on Roku TV

Has anyone found a solution to this?  It's so annoying. It's making Plex nearly unusable for live TV on stations with a less-than-perfect signal.

It only happens on my Roku TV, not on my standalone Roku devices. 

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