Issue with center Onn roku soundbar

We recently were gifted the two "front" surround sound speakers. Ever since installing them, the front soundbar (the original, that worked great) is producing NO sound whatsoever. 

No matter what directional the sound comes from, not even the sound cues on the volume come through it. 


Since installing the side speakers we've had to *UP* the volume to hear at the same consistency and quality that we had just from the front TV bar. Being hard of hearing, this has caused major issues for watching shows. 


I've checked the HDMI connections did the power cycle of the bar. I attempted to follow the troubleshooting instructions that allow you to code the auto detect etc (in case my 3yr old son somehow changed a setting) but when going into:


home > settings, there is no audio subsection on settings, and the actual home > audio section does NOT have those options for me to set up. 


Please help!!!

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