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Issue with Roku Ultra remote and tcl roku volume

Ok Roku Geniuses. I'm having a weird issue with my roku ultra remote controlling volume on my TV. When I use the volume up/down keys there is about a 2-3 delay before it changes the volume. All other remote functions are fine.  

The TV is a TCL series 5 roku TV with the roku ultra plugged into it. This is so I can use the Philips hue sync box for lights. Its basically an hdmi splitter that analyzes video signal and makes light change color on back of tv.

Here's a diagram.

                           TV-----Streambar (arc)


                           Hue Sync



Using the remote for the tv works fine. This only seems to effect the ultra remote.  Is there a way to fix this connection or change it in the ultra to make it more responsive? I just followed the standard setup to control tv volume wizard.


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