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Issue: Cable TV Channels NOT Appearing on Live TV Guide

I have a 32-inch Sharp Roku TV that I use to watch in my bedroom. My housing complex just switched cable providers, going from AT&T U-Verse (uses a cable box) to Blue Stream (uses a coaxial cable directly into the TV). Through the channel search feature, the TV was able to find all the cable channels through the coaxial cable.

Now, the issue is that those cable channels do not display on the Live TV guide. The only channels I can view on the Live TV tile are the Roku "Streaming TV" channels. I can only see the actual cable channels were found when I go to input settings. It says those channels are not hidden, so I should be able to access them. Alas, I cannot. Any help is appreciated.

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Level 8

Re: Issue: Cable TV Channels NOT Appearing on Live TV Guide

I have same/similar issue.  Still have cable.  Connect cable directly to coax inpu on back of Roku 32 inch TV (no cable box).  Scan of channels finds channels, but no way to input channel numbers or switch between channels (other than hitting “up” or “down” buttons to go through channels one at a time.  My Roku remote has no way to input channel number and has no voice recognition.  

Any help out there?  

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