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Reel Rookie

Is there a Roku device that includes Live TV?

Is there a Roku device that includes the ability for Live TV so I don't have to use 2 remotes, or does that only come with Roku TV's? I have a big TV but I don't like having to switch back and forth between remotes.

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Re: Is there a Roku device that includes Live TV?

Hey @savemorebiz

Thanks for the post.

You can also access Live TV on Roku players through The Roku Channel. Just launch the channel (app) from your home screen, go to the Live TV row then open Live TV Channel Guide. 

For more information, feel free to visit this Support link: How do I find TV listings using Live TV Channel Guide?

I hope this helps!

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: Is there a Roku device that includes Live TV?

I'm guessing your question regards whether there is a Roku remote capability to control the direct functions of your TV, to which a Roku box or streaming stick is plugged into the HDMI port. Correct?

If so, I would say that in my experience so far with Roku devices, there is not such functionality. Some of the current TVs that have HDMI - CEC allow the Roku remote to turn off the TV and control volume level, but cannot change the local TV channel on your TV, it can only change the channels on the Roku box or streaming stick.

An alternative is to purchase a Roku TV from one of the myriad manufacturers, which embeds the Roku software as the operating system of the TV, and this is where the Roku remote can control the TV. However, the TV is controlled via the Live TV Input app as one of the Roku tiles, and you can add tiles for each of the HDMI ports in case you plug in a Blu-ray player or other box. I've got a Roku TV as well as a couple normal Roku plug in devices for my other TVs.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Is there a Roku device that includes Live TV?

So I was told I could make a lot of money doing this but I neither have the time money or energy to pursue it, but it makes sense to me that all Roku would need to do is a a device with a coaxial input which would then allow the unit to pick up local channels and live TV. It would more or less then have your TV acting strictly as a monitor and Act exactly like a Roku TV and allow you to use only one remote. Just a thought and good idea in my book. 

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Re: Is there a Roku device that includes Live TV?


Probably easier and cheaper to just plug that coaxial (or antenna) into your TV and purchase a $10 universal streaming remote so that you still watch both your Roku and the Live TV (assuming you mean Over-the-Air/OTA local channels), rather than redesigning a media streamer to include a TV tuner.

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Re: Is there a Roku device that includes Live TV?

There is also a networking option. But you have to by another piece of hardware (Tablo). It costs like 100 bucks. But it really works for people who have problems picking up local channels. In an apartment building you and your neighbors could  ante-up for the box. Find a great reception area to place it. Then network it to a router (usually whose ever apartment is closes to the Tablo box location) then add the Tablo app to your Roku tv or device. Then Tablo is your "live tv" option right on your home page. I have actually done this for several apartment dwellers who wanted to cut the cord.

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