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Is a Roku Plus Series QLED worth it?

I'm asking this because I'm just looking for a pretty simple TV to have in my bedroom. I'm looking for something that I can just hook my Nintendo Switch up to play games, and maybe watch YouTube and possibly movies on Netflix or whatever.

What's your experience with a Roku TV? (Select orPlus) Would you say it is worth it, especially with their recent blunders with the terms agreement, and the HDMI Ads. Or would you turn me towards a QLED TV with Android TV/Google TV? (Or whatever Samsung has with their TizenOS)

I mainly just looked over something. I can play my games, watch some stuff, and potentially sell easily to get some cash back whenever I can/decide to move away. (I won't get into why I'll sell instead of taking it with me, it's just a personal choice and for my own reasons)

Thanks in advance

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Re: Is a Roku Plus Series QLED worth it?

I have very much enjoyed my 55" Roku Select TV and would highly recommend it.  I use it for gaming (PS4 mainly) and for watching YouTube and streaming services like Netflix.  I had bought a TCL 4 series first (I know, none of these are top tier TVs but it's for my basement and I already have an exceptionally nice mini-LED in the family room) but I actually returned the TCL because I wasn't happy with the picture.  I can confirm that the Roku Select TV is better than the TCL 4 series.  In regard to your question, I would suggest you go with the Roku Select given your intended uses of it.  If you had said it would be the main TV in your living room, I might suggest the upgrade to the Roku Plus, but I think you will find that the Roku Select will meet your needs.  If you are wondering about a comparison of the two models, please see here for a professional review that compares the two and which indicates that you can't go wrong with the Select series as it provides true value for the money: https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/roku-select-series-vs-roku-plus-series-qled/37906/37907

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