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Re: Is RC580 remote compatible with Tcl 50S525 tv?

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So the remotes he mentioned on Walmart and Amazon are the exact same is the one you offer mentioned that's called "Roku TV Voice Remote", which sells on your site for 29.99. 

I'm just asking if they're the same because the model numbers are slightly different on your site compared to amazon and walmart. On your site I'm assuming it's RC-AL7, on Amazon it's RCAL7R and on Walmart it's RCAL7RW. Is there a difference between the 3 of these. 

And does this model have the remote pairing button inside the battery compartment?

And also, just to clarify, this RC-AL7(regardless of if I get it on your site or amazon/walmart) comes with the RF feature so I won't need to point it directly at my Tcl Roku Series 5 tv for it to work? I'm just clarifying because some of your other remotes for your streaming sticks are labeled "enhanced", and this one isn't, so i'm unsure what the difference is. 

If you can't tell already I just want to make sure I get the best possible remote for my roku tv that uses RF and has voice control, with a pairing button. 

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Re: Is RC580 remote compatible with Tcl 50S525 tv?

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I bought one from Best Buy ebay store $19.99 plus $5 shipping, couple of days later it was free shipping Smiley Sad. And I bought two from Walmart, which had vudu key instead of epsn+ BB remote had. Yes all have pairing button in the battery compartment. R stands Retail, W is for Walmart. Each as only RC-AL7 in their battery compartments no matter where its sold.

Only Wifi remotes have Voice search key, no IR only remote have microphone. So if you see the microphone symbol, for sure its wifi remote.

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Re: Is RC580 remote compatible with Tcl 50S525 tv?

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@droesw the consonants at the end of model numbers do not differentiate the device/product models, they indicate the retailer or region in which a product is sold. AL-7 is AL-7R is AL-7RW—they are all the same model. The only difference may be in the channel buttons that each variant offers. (To note, the channel button offerings may change/update at any time.) 

Hope that helps! 




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