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Reel Rookie

Intermittned Audio with Roku wireless speakers

For almost 2 weeks now I have had intermittened audio issues.  It keeps dropping in and out.  I have reset Rocku TV, Roku Wireless speakers unplugged EVERYTHING and I am still having this issue.  The Update is complete so I don't understand why this is happening!  Tried to chat with Roku but I'm 26th in line!  Any ideas?

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Reel Rookie

Re: Intermittned Audio with Roku wireless speakers

Same problem here.

I have the 5.1 Roku wireless audio setup (Streambar Pro, 4 wireless speakers & the wireless subwoofer) and a TCL Roku TV. Immediately after getting the 11.5 update, I started having issues. The next day my speakers updated to a newer version and the issues seemed to go away for a bit. Yesterday it started happening again.

For me, the audio will clip in and out. Sometimes for extended periods of time, sometimes for just a second or two. It can affect any of the speakers or the subwoofer and may impact just one speaker or multiple speakers. I'm not sure if it's affecting the Streambar Pro. I've noticed on one occasion when checking in the settings the speakers & the subwoofer may appear as (disconnected). The audio issues happen on both Roku apps played directly on the Roku TV and through connected streaming devices such as an Apple TV or an Xbox. I would guess it's a connection issue between the wireless speakers and the Roku.

All devices are fully updated and/or show no updates available. I've power cycled all the devices (including the streaming devices) both via the menus and by physically unplugging them.

Roku Device Models:

  • Roku TV Model: 55P605 - Software Version: 11.5.0 - build 4235-30
  • Roku Streambar Pro Model: 9101R2 - Software Version: 11.5.0 - build 4235-95
  • Roku Wireless Speakers (x2) Model: 9020x - Software Version:
  • Roku Wireless Speakers (x2) Model: 9030x - Software Version:
  • Roku Subwoofer Model: 9201X - Software Version:
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Retired Moderator

Re: Intermittned Audio with Roku wireless speakers


Thanks for the post.

I have passed along your concerns and information to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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