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How to enable Teletext on Model: 100021258

How do we enable Teletext on Onn Roku Tv Model: 100021258. I’ve consulted the quick start guide, the tv manual, and even called customer service which wasn’t helpful. The TV remote does not come with numbers, so we purchased a Philips universal remote SRP9243B/27. When using the Philips remote, we get a message on the tv that states “Teletext is not enabled”.

If I am not able to use a remote to quickly change channels, how does a Roku TV go from channel 4 to channel 100 if I want to jump stations while watching live TV?

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Re: How to enable Teletext on Model: 100021258

We (many customers) have the same issue.
currently, there is no other way but using the App to type the desired TV channels ( ex. 9.1 or 18.3 )

ROKU Team has not other alternatives 

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