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How to connect Roku Streambar with an existing speaker system.

I recently purchased Roku Streambar.
And I'd like to find out how to connect audio to output to external speakers which are connected to a receiver (no hdmi nor optical equipped, Display is Vizio E-series display - meaning no tuner).

Currently, we have Dish Network which come with a basic SiriusXM channels, but as we saw Streambar came with SiriusXM channels available, we want to "Cut-the-cord"!

Our current speaker system is all wired from an old SONY Receiver (Sony STR-DE335) and also connected to the speakers in the garage...

Weird thing is, we just purchased an indoor antenna along with a Mediasonic tuner as our TV is just a display (which we didn't realize until recently 😅).
I set them up thru the TV's HDMI 4 port, and we can hear the sound from BOTH Streambar AND our speakers... BUT NOT the sound of Roku streaming channels!

So frustrating!!!

I hope SOMEONE can help us! So, we can listen SiriusXM thru our speakers in the garage...

Thank you in advance. 🙏🏻💗

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