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How to connect Roku Streambar with an existing speaker system.

I recently purchased Roku Streambar.
And I'd like to find out how to connect audio to output to external speakers which are connected to a receiver (no hdmi nor optical equipped, Display is Vizio E-series display - meaning no tuner).

Currently, we have Dish Network which come with a basic SiriusXM channels, but as we saw Streambar came with SiriusXM channels available, we want to "Cut-the-cord"!

Our current speaker system is all wired from an old SONY Receiver (Sony STR-DE335) and also connected to the speakers in the garage...

Weird thing is, we just purchased an indoor antenna along with a Mediasonic tuner as our TV is just a display (which we didn't realize until recently 😅).
I set them up thru the TV's HDMI 4 port, and we can hear the sound from BOTH Streambar AND our speakers... BUT NOT the sound of Roku streaming channels!

So frustrating!!!

I hope SOMEONE can help us! So, we can listen SiriusXM thru our speakers in the garage...

Thank you in advance. 🙏🏻💗

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Re: How to connect Roku Streambar with an existing speaker system.

Hi, I was searching for the the same information. Unfortunately, it looks as if the Roku engineers have failed in this regard. I did find this somehat recent information regarding the Streambar Pro (I have the non-pro Streambar as well. If you know anything different then please let me know.


Long story short, EVERYTHING on the back of the unit is an input. Power INPUT, HDMI INPUT, Digital optical INPUT, USB INPUT. 

I even tried both the optical and analog outs on my TV with the hope that the Soundbar would somehow route the audio back to the TV.

I'm pretty disappointed as my Streambar is also defective but that is another matter.

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