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How to Reassign a Roku TV to My Account

I own a rental house. The house has two Roku TVs made by TCL, which previously (or so I thought) had not been used by my tenants. Today I created a Roku account for the TVs. Then, working with an installer, I attempted to activate Roku on the TVs. I had no problem with activating the TV in the downstairs kitchen. However, I found out that someone -- presumably a prior tenant -- already activated the TV in the upstairs den. As a result, it seems that I have to reset the TV insofar as Roku is concerned so that it will be assigned to my Roku account. However, the tenant is long gone, and I do not know the tenant's name or contact information or the tenant's Roku login information (i.e., email address and password). How can I reassign the TV so that it is on my Roku account and so that I can activate (or, actually, reactivate) it as part of my account? Please let me know what I have to do. If a direct response is warranted, my email address is [personal information]. Thank you.

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Re: How to Reassign a Roku TV to My Account

You have to perform a factory reset on the TV to link it to a new user account. You can do that within the settings menu under System. You're looking for reset, not restart. You don't need to know anything about the previous registered account. Once it's been reset, it's just like setting up a brand new device. 


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Re: How to Reassign a Roku TV to My Account

If these TV's are in a rental home make sure you require a pin number to make purchases on your Roku account.  

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Re: How to Reassign a Roku TV to My Account

Factory reset is accessed via Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset.

Alternative is, while set is powered up, to press and hold the reset button (may need to use a paperclip to access though a pinhole) for a MINIMUM of 30 seconds, Don't release early no matter what you see on the screen.

Either way, when the Roku boots back up, its memory will have been cleared and you'll then have to set it up again as though it were a new unit right out of the box.

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Re: How to Reassign a Roku TV to My Account

Hi @NewUserME ,

In addition to the great responses by @makaiguy , @atc98092 and @HDMIGuy check out this support article on a feature called Guest Mode.

The article explains how to set up your Roku device for your guests, and return it to normal once they leave. Just another option to think about in addition to the PIN requirement suggestion @HDMIGuy provided.

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