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How To Block Roommate From Accessing My Roku TV

Hello everyone,

I have a Roku TV that I use to watch all of my streaming content. I actually love it. I think Roku's are super underrated.

Anyways, I pay for all of the streaming content on my own, and it's quite a bit. My roommate claims that he doesn't need/want to watch on my Roku and ultimately help split the cost of all the streaming services that I have. However, I'm getting suspicious that he's using my TV now when I'm not home, and ultimately gaining access to all of the channels that he's NOT paying for. 

Is there a password I can set up on a Roku right at the beginning, just after I turn the TV on? I've scoured the internet, and I cannot find any way to accomplish this. 

Thanks for any help here.


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Re: How To Block Roommate From Accessing My Roku TV

Sorry, not possible.  Most premium channels/apps have a way to sign out if you subscribe to them directly, but not if you're paying through Roku.  It would probably be a huge pain to sign out when you're finished and then back in when you wanted to watch something anyway.

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