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Homekit - Siri can't find Roku speakers

I have a Roku Streambar Pro in the main bedroom and a Roku Streambar in the guest bedroom.  Airplay is enabled on both of them and works as expected, meaning I can play music on either or both Streambars from the iPhone 12 Control Center.  I added both of the Streambars to the iOS Home/Homekit app.  The status of both Streambars appear in their respective Home app rooms.  I am able to turn the Streambar Pro in the main bedroom on and off via the Home App.  I am not able to turn the Streambar in the guest bedroom off via the Home App, but I suspect this is because the guest bedroom TV is a bit older and may not be HDMI ARC/CEC enable.  My problem is that if I try to use Siri to play music to the Roku Streambars, Siri responds with "Sorry I couldn't find that Speaker".  This is true for both Streambars.  I can use Siri to play video to the TV's via the Roku Streambars.  As an example, "Siri, play Ted Lasso in the Guest Bedroom" works as expected.  It appears that from Airplay perceptive, the Steambars are valid Speakers, but from Home/Homekit they are not valid speakers.  

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