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Hisense TV which has Roku built in can find the wireless router but nothing comes up

I’m staying in a campground that you need to sign in to the wireless router with a pass code and the Hisense TV with Roku finds the wireless connection and when I accept it there is nothing that comes up on the screen for me to enter the pass cord to activate it. I know the wireless router is working because my iPad and iPhone are both on it. I have tried Netflix and Prime apps and of course they say not connected. 
If anyone has a solution I would be extremely grateful. Getting frustrated. 

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Re: Hisense TV which has Roku built in can find the wireless router but nothing comes up


Many hotels, dorms, campgrounds, etc, are set up with a wifi system that you connect to by logging in on a web page via an internet web browser.  This establishes your connection for that device.    

The Roku has no web browser. In order to log the Roku into the net's web page, you log in via your computer/phone/tablet as usual but you run it through the Roku instead of directly.    

You do this by connecting your computer or mobile device to the Roku via a wifi-direct connection. When you then log into the system's web page on your browser while connecting through the Roku it establishes the Roku's connection. 

This Roku page explains the process: https://support.roku.com/article/215058118

One caveat: the Roku must already have been set up and linked to your Roku account.  If this is a new, never-set-up unit (or one that has had its link wiped out by a factory reset) you'll need to set it up and link it via a conventional net connection before using the hotel/dorm login procedure - a cell phone can be used for this.

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