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Hisense (Roku TV) turns on in the middle of the night and starts downloading apps

Hello All, 

I bought a Hisense Roku TV a couple of years ago and recently started experiencing a strange issue where the TV will randomly turn on in the middle of the night and start downloading random apps. The scary part is, I can see the menu selector scroll down to select the options, as if someone is controlling it via a remote. This is happened twice recently: 


1st time: Around 5am EST, the TV turned itself on and successfully downloaded a random app. I immediately disconnected the Ethernet cord, removed the app, logged into my Roku account online and reset the password, setup a PIN requirement for ALL downloads and reset the TV. 

2nd time: Yesterday around 3am EST, the TV turned itself on, attempted to download the app "Craftizer" but failed since it got stuck on the PIN entry step. There was no attempt to enter any PIN by whoever/whatever was downloading this app.  Picture attached. 


I looked this up online and found that a few people had similar issues with no resolution. I checked my home network to make sure there aren't any unknown devices and there is no issue there. We have another TCL Roku TV in the house and a Samsung Smart TV as well and neither of them experience this kind of issue. 

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it something to worry about, or should I just set the TV to full shutoff every night rather than standby and move on? 

Thanks in advance! 



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Re: Hisense (Roku TV) turns on in the middle of the night and starts downloading apps

Maybe someone has managed to connect using Roku app for moblile on your WiFi network, or accidentally paired a wireless remote to your TV.

There are options for screen mirroring and remote access, turn these off, and review connected remote devices.

It is strange, there may be a security hole.

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