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Hisense Roku TV Ethernet Connection Issue


I have a Hisense Roku TV hardwired to my router via ethernet.  Showtime Anytime and USA Network channels both issues streaming over ethernet.  On USA, my stream will drop out every ~5-15 minutes with a connection error and I have to return to the home screen and restart the stream.  The USA error says: "This service is not available at this time.  Oops!  Something didnt load quite right.  We're not quitters, press 'BACK' and try again."  On Showtime Anytime I also get playback errors every 5-15 minutes (except after a few seconds the error disappears and I can continue streaming after the interruption).  That error says "Communication failed.  Check your internet connection and retry" and only appears for 3-4 seconds.  I stream often on several other apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime, FX, ABC and more...) and dont have any issues with them.  I also dont have issues with Showtime or USA when I connect my TV via WiFi instead of ethernet.  I've tried different ethernet ports on my router and different ethernet cables and have seen the same behavior.  My Roku TV updated to OS 8.2, but the issue also occurred on 8.1.  The issue shows up 100% of the time I try to watch anything on one of these 2 apps.  I also dont have any issues streaming on my roku stick on a different TV with these apps.

TV Model: Hisense 65R6+
Roku TV: 7210X
SN: YN00XM358499
SW: 8.2.0 build 4165-35

Showtime Anytime - Version 2.6 build 2
USA Network - Version 4.0 build 12
Internet is Charter 100 Mbps

Let me know if any other information is helpful in looking into the issue or if anyone else has seen similar behavior.
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Re: Hisense Roku TV Ethernet Connection Issue

Does this happen on other channels, or just these two?  Also, does it happen only while watching specific content, or all content?
C. Shawn Smith
Community Liaison

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