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Hisense R7 labeled as R6+ in "system info".

I decided to purchase a Hisense 65R7 TV after reading several good reviews on it.

However, there were a few reviewers that claimed they got a re-branded TV (new stickers slapped on the box that said R7 and the underlying label read R6). Those reviewers also sad that the system info indicated that the TV was a R6+ model. They meant it was a rip-off and returned the TV.

I examined the box very carefully and it was all original- no stickers slapped over an old etc. When I booted it up and went into the System info- it also states that it is a R6+ model. Of course this concerned me as well and I contacted Hisense and asked them to tell me what model my TV was based on the Serial no. They confirmed that it was the latest manufactured R7 which I'll obviously have to believe coming from Hisense directly. They couldn't quite explain why it say's R6+ but theorized that maybe it's the Roku OS that just labels the Tv a bit different. I figured I'd post something here and see if anyone has any info on this.


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Re: Hisense R7 labeled as R6+ in "system info".

I may actually have found the answer..

Even though the internet in general seems to be saying that the R6 and R7 are completely different models-this was found on Hisense support page..(I missed it somehow)

Q. What’s the difference between your R6E series and your R7E series that’s on your website?

A. The TVs for the R6E and R7E series have the same basic features and design. Hisense has certain retail partners that require exclusivity of certain software or service configurations and to honor their business requirement, we’ve differentiated how the product they carry is promoted by using a different name of the series.

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