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Hisense 43" Roku Television

I have just purchased this Television today after already having Roku sticks in all the other house TVs so I am familiar with the Roku interface but I am utterly baffled as to where (if anywhere) the standard audio/video controls are on the TV as I can only find very basic refinements (just brightness and volume) within the Roku menu.

I am referring to things like Colour, Sharpness, Contrast, Rssolution as everything just seems to be pre-set and I can't see anything in the manual or any buttons on the remote which seems to be basically just a glorified Roku remote with channel numbers on it.

Am I missing something obvious here or are there really no picture refinements on this TV? Just to clarify I am wanting to adjust the colour and sharpness of the Roku part of the TV as I do not have a terrestrial aerial or any other items plugged in but I still used to be able to alter these settings on the Roku stick plugged into my previous LG LED TV.

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