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Headphones out 3.5m but no audio fixed out

So i been doing some rewiring of audio. And ran in to issue there is no "fixed out" audio options that most tv have so you can have 3.5mm headphones connected and tv audio at same time.

TCL tv seem to just want to out right disable the tv audio the moment ANY cable is connected to that 3.5mm which mean just to use my headphones I have use Optical out to headphones wireless base. which in turn mean I cant hook up my AV unit optical in. and no my AV unit does not have HDMI

Is there some Hidden menu where i can find audio "fix out" or is something that can be implemented on 55S515

At very lest there should option to pick TV speaker or Headphones out IF 3.5mm is connected. but even if i select TV speaker and not use "auto" the tv disable it speaker if that connected. That or Fixed output for audio a function most tv should have at this point and do . something my 20 year old  32" lcd could do as i had headphones connected to that 3.5mm and STILL had audio from my TV.

Which mean EVEN if I just got 2 bookshelf speakers to use for TV and PC I would kill tv speaker moment that 3.5mm is used. who in there right mind would want to connect and disconnect there headphone from the tv ever time that want to use headphones or just use the TV speakers.


I read in forums back 2020 tcl tv dont support headphones and tv speaker at same time. Which ridiuclous cause audio Fixed output is not thing more then software feature something pc speaker driver do.


Only option think of to fix this issue and STILL have headphones that DONT kill the tv speakers, is to continue using optical out on TV and drop 400$ on new av unit that support  HDMI and arc.

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