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Hardwire usb-to-ethernet on Onn Roku tv..... does it work?

Recently purchased a 32" Onn Roku streaming tv for dorm.  Loved this tv for my older daughter -who attended a different school.

Dorm requires tv to be hardwired to network.  The MAC address must be registered with university tech department before allowed onto the network.  They told me the MAC address will be different once I connect a USB to Ethernet adapter.  I've found how to restart the tv, etc to get it to recognize the adapter.  How do I find the new MAC address associated with adapter?

I purchased this adapter I found referenced in support docs, but it does not reference the Onn Roku tv specifically.  Can someone verify it works?  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00484IEJS?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details


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Re: Hardwire usb-to-ethernet on Onn Roku tv..... does it work?

See if there is a sticker on the adapter or on its original packaging giving this information.  Or if there is any sort of configuration utility for the adapter, that may give you the MAC address as well.

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Re: Hardwire usb-to-ethernet on Onn Roku tv..... does it work?


Once you connect/restart, go to Settings/Network/About to see the MAC address (make sure its the USB wired adapter/connection).

As far as verifying if it works, you'll need to find out for yourself - different brands/models may/do use different chipsets that have differing support for USB ethernet adapters.

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Re: Hardwire usb-to-ethernet on Onn Roku tv..... does it work?

I'm trying to do the samething with my new 40" Onn 1080 tv.  I was hoping I could connect it directly (wired) to the router, but there's no ethernet port.  I started doing some research and came across in a manual:

"If you want to watch streaming content and take advantage of the cool features of your Roku TV, connect it to the Internet through a wireless modem/router or a wireless access point (not provided). The TV has a built-in wireless LAN adapter.

Note: The TV supports only its internal wireless network adapter—it does not support the use of a USB network adapter.

Select 4K models have wired in addition to wireless network connectivity. To use the wired network connection, connect an RJ-45 Ethernet cable (not provided) from the jack on the back of your TV to your network router or switch. The wired connection supports both 10 Base-T and 100 Base-T Ethernet."

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