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HELP - TCL 65" 65R625 stuck in reboot loop

I just bought the 65" 65R625 TV, Roku TV version a108x. Nothing but problems straight out of the box. The TV is shipped with 9.2.2 build 6116-88, and it can't update the software. It goes back into a loop with the opening screen (select language, location, store use / home use, connection). If it is wired / wireless it will attempt to update, reboot, goes straight back to loop. I have tried wired (with router and directly into cable modem), USB stick with downloaded software, and wireless. I also did all the factory resets, unpluggings, etc.  If I choose store mode the TV stays in version 9.2.2 and it works fine. The problem with store mode is many of the settings are turned off (energy savers, motion smoothing, who knows what else). Why is it not an option to use an older version of the Roku firmware and why can a TV be bricked like this? So ridiculous. Called TCL and they said it's a software defect and that I need to send the giant TV back to Amazon. Wasted two days on this, infuriating! Now I have to rip all the back lighting off the back, repurchase all of that, and reinstall. There should be some kind of fail safe, because the hardware is fine, the software is kaput.

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