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Level 7

HDMI's totally stopped working on RokuTV

Last night I was watching a show through my PC that was hooked up through HDMI cable to my TCL Roku TV.  I took a shower and came back to watch another show, but now none of the HDMI cables are working all of a sudden.  On the PC and separate PlayStation inputs it states there's no signal.

Things I tried:

Turning PC/PlayStation off-on.

Turning TV off/on

Factory Reset to TV

Different HDMI cords on different inputs

Has anyone else dealt with this, and if so has anyone remedied the issue?  Was there an update that screwed everything up?  If update messed things up, do I need to get different HDMI cords?  Basically none of my inputs are working and I've done everything I could to troubleshoot.

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Level 8

Re: HDMI's totally stopped working on RokuTV

I guess its beyond warranty...

I hate to say this but this TCL brand seems problematic to many if you check the boards.

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