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Guide "Loading data..." after TV has been off for a few hours

After the TV has been turned off for a couple of hours, it apparently forgets everything that was in the guide (some brilliant coder just decides to trash it all instead of just the stuff that no longer applies due to the current time). Now it will take a minimum of 5 minutes to populate it again (why so long?) and I have seen it take up to 18 minutes in the past just to "remember" what it used to know. **bleep**, it can't even remember what OTA channels are in the list so even if I know what channel I want in the first place, I can't use it as a faster way to get there since just using the up/down arrows outside of the guide to change the channels will delay on every...**bleep**ing...station (apparently trying to display what is currently showing ... which it doesn't know because it was cleared from memory) before letting me go to the next channel.

I am now a firm believer that companies look for the dumbest developers they can find on the market to develop and write their software. Is there any chance you have someone who can actually fix these massive design flaws?

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Re: Guide "Loading data..." after TV has been off for a few hours

You might try this... I have a similar issue, where once the set has been off, it comes up with an empty guide, and will take forever to fill it.



you switch over to the Home Screen, and then back to the OTA channel.  Then it comes back up with a filled guide.  My set is configured to come up in OTA directly when powered up.  If it does this, you get an empty guide and a long wait.  If you flip to the home screen then back to OTA, the guide is magically filled.

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