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Guest Watching My Cable Channels through Roku TV

I have a friend who will be staying with me as a guest on and off indefinitely.  He is going to buy a Roku TV for the guest room.  I have a Roku TV in another room and watch thru the Spectrum channel plus I have a cable TV with a cable box and a Roku box on another TV.  I'd like him to be able to watch as a regular guest and not a temporary one and be able to access the Spectrum channels I pay for and watch through the Spectrum channel on my Roku TV.  Is this possible and can we watch two different things on different TV's at the same time?  I'm confused on how to accomplish this, if possible, so we aren't paying for services I already pay for yet can remain independent from one another while watching.

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Re: Guest Watching My Cable Channels thru Roku TV


Just to be clear...

Guest will have his own Roku TV with his own Roku account.

There is one Spectrum Internet service that you and Guest will use.

Plan is for Guest to use the Spectrum app on his Roku TV with his Roku account.

You want to know if Guest will be able to watch your Spectrum service on his Roku TV (and his Roku account) while on your Spectrum Internet at your house?

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