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Reel Rookie

Game mode broken on TCL 65r617

Game mode is broken with the last update. When I toggle it off and on the screen doesn’t flash black for a split second. The input lag makes gaming virtually unplayable. The only work around I have found is to have my tv power on to the input my PS5 is connected to, do a system reset then toggle game mode off and on. Extremely frustrating to have to do this every time I feel like playing a game. 

Roku Tv: 7121x

TCL model: 65r617

software version: 10.0.0 build 4209-30

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Reel Rookie

Re: Game mode stuttering on with 10.0 update

I am having the same issue with Game Mode not working. Not sure when it started happening exactly, but I'm noticing significant input lag. Turning Game Mode doesn't seem to do anything.

I had a similar issue happen with an update ~November 2020 that was fixed with an update ~December 2020 or ~January 2021.

I really wish these updates would stop breaking Game Mode. Very frustrating and makes me want to stop updating or get a different brand of TV.


TCL Model: 55R617

Software Version: 10.0.0 Build 4209-30

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Reel Rookie

Re: Game mode stuttering on with 10.0 update

It's not stuttering, it's that game mode isn't turning on. When I turn it on and off it does nothing. There is a noticeable input lag that wasn't there before.

Input: HDMI 1 (renamed Playstation 5)

Device: Playstation 5

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Roku Guru

Re: Game mode broken on TCL 65r617

Join the club, this now the 4th update that has re broke gamemode, on my 55s515

some time a system restart dont even fixed

I been avoid changing inputs to avoid the dealing with problem, which mean i cant game on pc or console on the tv, just so i dont have deal with fact when this happen the Action smoothing bug happens too, which also requires are system restart to fix which something dont work and require one to pull the power from tv and hold power for 15 to it.

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