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I am posting because I keep getting disconnected from online Roku customer support. Beware of hacking and scams. I started Roku and pressed amazon prime. Instead of Amazon prime there was a screen that looked liked AP telling me I needed to confirm the account. It gave a code and an email to send the code. That connected to scammers who claimed they were from Amazon, people had hacked into and made purchases from my account., etc. They were imposters and wanted me to buy Google Play cards and give them the code.  How did this happen through Roku? I am not sure I can trust the device or links.

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Level 12

Re: Fraud:

Basically, a channel like amazon prime will say go to this_URL and enter this_code.

Trouble is, lots of people don't go to exactly that URL.  Some type it incorrectly (just look around this Roku forum at the 50 different ways that people type "Roku" – Rocky, Ticki, you name it, someone has typed it that way.)

Some type it into a search engine, either by going there themselves or use one conveniently built into their browser.

Some get distracted by a suggestion from an integrated search engine as they start typing.

Then, once they arrive there, they don't confirm that the domain of the URL actually matches the company they are trying to link to.

Then, the scams commence.

By the way, when I look, scam sites are usually right up at the top on Google because they are paid ads.  On the other hand, Bing is way cleaner and the top link is actually Roku.  Whether this is because Bing is better at scammer avoidance or because the scammers haven't thought to buy ads there, I don't know.

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Re: Fraud:

I got a simmilar emails from da*****@laina-finance.fi
So, be careful if you will see this email address.

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