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Forcing Streambar to use 5Ghz connection

I'm a long time Roku user, but just setup a new Streambar. I'm using wifi right now and was hoping to use the Streambar on 5Ghz (The product page says: 802.11ac dual-band, MIMO wireless)

I have a solid wireless network at home, there are multiple APs in the house, with one ceiling mounted AP in the same room as the Streambar. I use the same SSID (wifi network name) for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Letting the device choose the right one.

I have noticed that the Streambar keeps connecting on 2.4Ghz and not 5Ghz. Is there a way to force it to use 5Ghz without having a dedicated 5Ghz SSID?

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Level 8

Re: Forcing Streambar to use 5Ghz connection

Quick update: After a reboot my Streambar has gone back to 5Ghz since this morning. I'll see if it stays that way. I'd still like to know how to force it.

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