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Reel Rookie

Facetime App breaks AirPlay functionality with April update

My father and I both have iPads and TCL TVs.
We both have issues with AirPlay not working all of a sudden.
I was pushed an update on April 7th. He received his update on April 8th.
I have a TCL 55C803 Roku 7108X. I am running software 9.40. Build 4210.
He has a newer TV I don't have the specs right now.

I've been able to reproduce an issue where the TV does not show up in the list when you choose screen mirroring and try to select the TV name. You will see no name in the list with a spinning circle. We both noticed this issue when I was trying to help him over FaceTime.

It's the Facetime application that seems to break AirPlay for us.
If we reboot the iPads and TVs having a fresh start on both, the TV name will show in the screen mirroring list and AirPlay works.

If we stop mirroring, load FaceTime to have an audio call then exit the app and swipe down in the upper right to go the control center to select screen mirroring the TV will not show up in the list anymore.

This bug and temporary fix of fresh start with no FaceTime is repeatable.

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Re: Facetime App breaks AirPlay functionality with April update


Thanks for the post and providing us with your Roku TV information.

I have passed along the information you have provided to the appropriate Roku team. Once more information becomes available I'll be sure to update the Community.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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