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Expert Picture setting 11pt WB calibration on Roku TV

I have a TCL 65r615 and want to calibrate the 11pt white balance and color space in the expert picture settings on the Roku app on my phone. Is there an easy or preferred method of doing that? I have an i1Display Pro, but I can't seem to measure those parameters using the i1 software. Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this? I have used the iPQ calibration app and it only seems to calibrate the brighter half of 11 point white balance, and doesn't touch the color space. 

It almost seems like I just need to be able to see the R G and B numbers in a live reading on 11 gray swatches, and then again on RGBCMY swatches, but how?

This page is very helpful:


But,It is odd Roku offers this level of calibration, then just tells you to use "a colorimeter and a pattern generator (strongly recommended)" But nothing about how to use it or any recommendations.

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