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Existing RCA Smart TV with a Roku button on the remote

I just purchased a home and they left the 55" RCA Smart TV.  The remote has a button for Roku.  I have created a Roku account.  When I use the RCA remote to turn the TV on there is a blue screen and a white box that says no signal.  I am VERY FRUSTRATED as I have asked customer support twice to help and all that they tell me is to call RCA.  RCA said to call Roku.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Re: Existing RCA Smart TV with a Roku button on the remote

There were some older TVs that had was is called an MHL port. It looks just like an HDMI port, but offers some additional functions. Roku used to sell (a long time ago, 2012 to be precise) a Stick that would use the MHL port, and was controlled with the standard TV remote. It sounds like you might have one of those TVs. 

Look at the back of the TV, and examine the HDMI port(s). Note that often the MHL port was behind a panel or cover. If there's nothing plugged into the MHL port, then the Roku Stick has been removed.

You could potentially find an old Stick for sale on eBay, but it's a legacy device that is no longer supported by Roku and frankly would not be worth the cost to get one, even if it were free. You'd be far better off with a recent model Roku, and just use the two remotes (the TV and the Roku remotes) for control. Some new Roku devices come with a remote that can be paired to the TV, so you can control the power and volume with the Roku remote. You'd only need the TV remote to switch inputs between the Roku and the TV tuner. 


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Re: Existing RCA Smart TV with a Roku button on the remote

Thank you so much for the information!

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