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Reel Rookie

EPS Default Settings for TCL 55R625


I am writing this because TCL and Roku refuse to find the answer to my question.  I mean, TCL built the tv and Roku made the app so somewhere there must be a record of what the default settings are for my model Roku tv!

I bought my tv in May of 2020 from Walmart.com.

The reason I'm asking this is:  I have wifi turned off completely on my router.  My TCL 55R625 Roku tv is connected via ethernet cable.  I do not want to go through all the hassle and rigmarole of installing the app on my phone and doing everything else I would have to do to use the Roku app EPS settings if the default settings are already what I want them to be anyway---to then have to reverse the whole procedure hassle after finding that out.

I'm begging for some kind souls to please tell me what the EPS app default settings are for Noise Reduction, Picture Mode, and Color Temperature on my TCL 55R625 tv.

I already have every input set on Movie picture mode and Warm Color Temperature on the tv's non-EPS settings---including the streaming channels.  Do those settings affect the EPS settings for those parameters?  Or do they have to be set independently on the app as well?  If so, then what are the defaults, please?

Helpful replies sincerely appreciated.  Thank you.

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