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Does the Smart Soundbar WIFI connect to my Roku TV?

Would love to setup the new smart soundbar close to my exercise equipment which is roughly 15 feet away from my Roku TV.........can support confirm if the connection can be thru wifi or is HDMI required? If HDMI is required, would the wifi speakers work from this distance?

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Re: Does the Smart Soundbar WIFI connect to my Roku TV?

@PCH_1234 Thanks for reaching out! The Roku Smart Soundbar requires an HDMI connection to your TV for audio playback. There is the possibility of signal degradation when using extended length cables, but at that distance, as long as you are using a premium quality cable, you'd likely be fine. 

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers, however, are able to work wirelessly as long as they are connected to power. We do have guidelines on proper placement of the speakers to optimize both connection quality and audio performance though. You can see more about that here: https://support.roku.com/article/360013430014-what-is-the-best-placement-for-my-roku-tv-wireless-spe...




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