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Reel Rookie

Do you need a roku account to watch a roku tv using a cable box?

My Mum's telly gasped its last breath about 8 months ago. I went out and got her a Toshiba fire tv from Best Buy.

Mum cant drive the telly to save her life as she gets all confused with the fire interface when all she does is watches the hallmark channel all day long.

Finding a "dumb" tv is hard. I do see some models but they're usually to low end mfr's. If I get her a roku telly, she could probably drive it because the user interface is simple. The question is, does she need a Roku account to set up the telly or will the interface work without a wifi connection? It's just going to use a hdmi cable from the cable box to the telly.

Any help would be appreciated as she's going nuts without a telly to watch.

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Re: Do you need a roku account to watch a roku tv using a cable box?


The RokuTV initially needs an internet connection (ethernet or wifi) to do initial setup.  That means linking a Roku account to the RokuTV.  Alternatively, you can also use a mobile hotspot to get past the setup.  After the initial setup, then you can use the RokuTV without an internet connection for Antenna or Cable connections.  The RokuTV can be set to start up to a desired Input as well. 

In your case, can set it to Cable Input so then your mother does not have to navigate the interface at all.  Each time she turns RokuTV on and off, will be on the Cable Input.

Personally, I prefer the dumb/non-smart TV's with an attached Roku device rather than the integrated RokuTV.  It actually may be simpler for your mother to purchase the dumb TV if she is only going to be using cable. 



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Reel Rookie

Re: Do you need a roku account to watch a roku tv using a cable box?

Good info to know, thank you.


It's hard to find a dumb tv these days and when I do find one, they're usually models 2 or 3 years old and made be the really low end mfr's and cost as much as a brand new model.

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