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Do any Roku TVs have this specific Roku Ultra 4800X player audio feature?

Hello, I have a 2019 Roku Ultra Player which I have been happy with for a while, for the most part. I have been watching content like Netflix in 1080p/expanded stereo on my very old Samsung TV and Logitech Z906. Yes, I am aware there are perhaps hundreds of posts all over the internet by people trying to get Netflix/etc. Dolby Digital Plus transcoded/converted to Dolby Digital for use with the Z906. This post isn't asking about that, as I love the Z906 for 5.1 gaming audio with my PC, I am not in the market/don't have space for a receiver & huge 7.1 surround sound speaker setup, and because I found this post about the newest Ultra player remedying that issue, apparently. I want to upgrade to a 4K TV soon, however, instead of replacing my old Ultra with the new one. My question is, do any of the Roku TVs support transcoding Dolby Digital Plus to Dolby Digital, as the newest Roku Ultra 4800X player does? I know the Windows 10 Netflix and Hulu apps support surround output but the Prime Video one does not. So, I'm aware I have a partial workaround available as my PC is connected to the TV, but as I said I am wanting to upgrade my TV. Thanks!

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