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Distorted sound at low volume playback - Sharp LC-65Q7330U

Currently, I own a 65" Sharp LC-65Q7330U TV made by Hisense.  Essentially, when I have volume set at around 9 or 10, the volume is distorted.  When people talk or listening to music, the voices are very raspy.  If you turn it up to about 15, the distortion mostly goes away.  At 20, the distortion seems to be gone but at that level, the sound is way too loud.  Factory resets did not fix the issue.  This issue happens when listening to content on YouTube or watching OTA.


I already contacted Hisense about the issue.  Currently, they have tried swapping out the speakers twice along with the motherboard and power supply.  The issue is still there.  While Hisense is still evaluating the issue, I was wondering if anyone else had the issue.  I am trying to narrow down the issue and it could be Hisense used a really horrible speaker design but that would make more sense to me if this happened at high volumes, not at low volumes. I'm also concerned that it could be a software issue.

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Re: Distorted sound at low volume playback - Sharp LC-65Q7330U

I also have a Sharp and am happy with it.

I've never had that problem at all but I dont use the speakers in the TV.

I pipe it out the headphone Jack into a Cambridge simple stereo setup designed for computers.

Its just two small speakers and a bass box with an Amp in it. I dunno the model number.

Its Cambridge Soundworks 3 piece.

Anyway theyre on Ebay but a fancy computer setup  is the way to go.


---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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