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Level 7

Directv remote controlling soundbar

My directv genie remote rc73 will not program to control roku smart soundbar’s volume. It is set up correctly-directv audio is coming from roku soundbar. But that volume can not be controlled with directv remote. Roku and directv support were stumped. Anyone else have this problem?

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Level 7

Re: Directv remote

I have the same problem as well, searched all over the internet for a solution but found none.

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Level 21

Re: Directv remote

Right, the directv remote doesn't have roku streambar/soundbar volume commands, reason the volume commands are neither audio or tv commands, they're Roku streamer commands, which the directv remote doesn't have. 

But it isn't needed, if you have the streambar or soundbar connected to the tv with hdmi-arc, and it is recognized by the tv as a hdmi-cec device. The directv remote only needs the tv volume which will control the Roku soundbar volume via cec. Tv volume controls the streambar, and streambar volume controls the tv. 

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