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Reel Rookie

Default Input setting doesn't bypass Roku TV screens

I have an Apple TV device set as the default input in Roku TV. But when I use the Apple TV remote to turn everything on, the TV doesn't go straight there. It starts on Roku, switches to Apple TV, goes back to Roku, then finally lands on Apple TV. This sequence takes about 5 seconds, but it's a lot of flashing screens. 

I've dug through all the settings on both devices and haven't found anything that makes a difference. Am I missing something?  I have the same setup with an LG TV and it works seamlessly. 

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Re: Default Input setting doesn't bypass Roku TV screens


Have you tried using a different HDMI input on the RokuTV to see if different results?

Also, see if enabling/disabling Fast Start (power) or System Standby (cec) changes behavior.  

After verifying and trying the below settings, see if using the Roku remote to power on the TV (rather than the Apple TV remote) also gives you a different behavior.


The four settings that can be contributing.. (Power Settings and CEC features)

1. Settings/System/Power/Power On [sets default input when powering on]

2. Settings/System/Power/Power/Fast TV Start [Enable]

3. Settings/System/Control other Devices (CEC)/1-touch Play/[Enable]

4. Settings/System/Control other Devices (CEC)/System Standby [Enable]

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Reel Rookie

Re: Default Input setting doesn't bypass Roku TV screens

Thank you for your suggestions AvsGunnar.

I verified the settings you listed. They were already set as you you specified, so that was easy. Then I tried moving Apple TV to a different HDMI port. No change in behavior.

I also tried using the Roku remote instead of the Apple remote. Unfortunately it doesn’t power on the Apple TV, and I haven’t seen a way to teach it to do that.

If you have any other ideas let me know. Thanks again.

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