DVS stuck 'on' with HBOmax stream

I've been using HBOMAX just fine for months until today. Suddenly, I cannot find a way to turn off the DVS (descriptive video service) with this channel. It started today when I tried to watch a newly posted documentary, "Simple as Water". When I couldn't find a way to stop it, I tried other HBOmax shows I have watched already like episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "NY Epicenters." Suddenly, they have the DVS turned on too. Other steams I use like PBS, CBS, Roku, etc. have no such problem. Any help will be appreciated!

[PS: DVS is apparently what was once called SAP. It provided a voice over describing the scene presented int the video. Very helpful for the visually impaired I'm sure, but very annoying otherwise.}

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Re: DVS stuck 'on' with HBOmax stream

I just got on chat with HBO, and they were NOT helpful. They said Roku is not supported, so it seems like they botched a change in their integration with Roku, and just don't care enough to fix it. 

The unsatisfying answer is to cancel the service until they do fix it. This seems to have been going on for a year, and nothing has improved.

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