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DVI computer to HDMI TCL Roku TV with sound?

I have the TCL 65R625 TV that comes with HDMI, AV in, and USB port.  My computer does not have HDMI.  I use to connect my old TV with a DVI to HDMI and bring sound in with a separate 3.5mm audio cable.  When I hook up the TCL TV the same way, I can either choose in the ROKU menu to use the HDMI or the audio port, but not both.  How can I make the TV recognize both the HDMI and Audio port at the same time so I can run both sound and video from my computer? I've already called TCL's help line and they seemed stumped.  Not sure if this is needed, but my computer only has DVI, AVI, USB2.0, USB3.0 and of course an audio port.

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