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Controlling my Roku TV with my Google Nest Mini

So, according to Google Nest help site, Best Buy Help (where I bought both the TV and the Google Nest Mini) and now your (Roku) help site, I am SUPPOSED to be able to use my Google Next Mini to control my Roku TV....but NO! I have tried EVERYTHING to set it up and can find NO answers anywhere. So now what? Is all this money I spent on the Roku TV and Google Nest Mini just wasted or can I get SOMEBODY, ANYBODY to help me fix this problem? 

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Level 7

Re: Controlling my Roku TV with my Google Nest Mini

I'm also ticked-off! Either the salesperson wanted to make his quota and lied to me that I could use Google Nest Mini (2nd generation) to control all of the features or it is limited. Why do I say limited? I can ONLY power on/off the tv. WAO!  I also purchased Roku's voice recognition remote control and it is also limited in features. Chances are the voice recognition button feature was created from Linux since Roku OS is a heavily tweaked version of a Linux distro. 

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