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Control audio on a non-standard display device?

I just started using a 15" computer monitor in the kitchen in place of a TV as the display. I'd really like to be able to mute the audio from time to time.

Since it's not a TV, the audio controls available on the remote of my "Premiere" (4620RW) won't work.

[As it happens, the audio controls don't work on the Samsung TV in the den either, since it's connected through a AV receiver]

I assume that the "Roku Voice Remote" (RCAL7R) works the same way and won't be useful.

There are numerous "HDMI Audio Extractors"  available that could be put together with additional components to implement volume and muting control, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Is there really no way to cajole the Roku device to control the audio through the HDMI interface when the video device can't be controlled by the remote?


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